Saturday, January 12, 2019

Decluttered Kitchen Cabinets, Upward Week 2, and Snow

I have the decluttering bug. I feel so much better when things are orderly and there isn't excess. This past week has been crazy with back to school and babysitting and lots of stuff. Well Friday afternoon, my tutoring client cancelled so I found some free time. I decided to tackle the bottom cabinets in my kitchen. They were an absolute disaster and I would get frustrated every time I looked in them or tried to find something in them. 

I started with the cabinet under the sink. This held my dishwasher tabs, cleaning supplies, vases, party platters, cupcake holder, etc. Here is the before::

And here is the after::

I was able to throw out a trash bag full of cleaning supplies that I didn't like and didn't feel would be safe for our family. I also reorganized things and there is room now for our coffee maker (which we only use maybe once or twice a month) and my smoothie maker so they can get off my limited counter space.

Then after the kids went to bed, I was feeling inspired so I tackled the cabinet full of pots and pans. Again, here is the before::

And then the after::

I put the smaller appliances that I only use once in a while in the deep recesses (like the quesadilla maker, the waffle maker, etc.) and moved the pie pans and loaf pans up to the front where I can easily get them to make a pot pie of a loaf of zucchini or banana bread. I decluttered 3 bags full of stuff to donate!

It makes me so happy to look in these cabinets now and to know that everything has a place. I showed Rebecca this morning and she said "Wow, that's amazing mom!" LOL

Today I have been working on laundry in between Upward basketball games and the snow. The kids had a great morning at Upward today. Ben had a game at 9AM and he did great on defense today. 

Jacob scored a basket in his game with a great shot! He also had 3 rebounds and a block.

Rebecca also scored a basket in her game. She also had 1 assist, 9 rebounds and 9 steals. 

Then it was time to come home and hunker down as the snow is flying. We are currently under a winter weather advisory for snow and they just issued a Level 1 Snow emergency for our county meaning the roads are getting nasty. Thankfully we don't have to go anywhere for the rest of the day. 

Bill just turned the NFL playoff game on (between the Colts and the Chiefs) and I am just reading blogs and typing this up. In a bit I will go make dinner and just relax tonight. Hope everyone has a great Saturday night!   


  1. Wow you got a lot accomplished! Hope your husband was cheering on the Chiefs ;)

    1. I think he was as I know he really likes the Chiefs' quarterback. His teams (the Browns and the 49ers) didn't make the playoffs this year so I am not really sure who he is cheering for to make it to the Super Bowl. :)


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