Sunday, January 13, 2019

My goals for 2019: Update #2

So, I said that I was going to be accountable to my goals this year instead of having them sit on my blog post not to be seen until January of next year. I have decided to do weekly updates, that way I can keep these in the back of my brain and keep them fresh. I think that Sundays are a good day to do an update as then I can refresh for the week ahead and make sure that I am living each day in a way that I consistent with my goals for the year. So, without further ado, here are my goals for 2019 updates for week #2::

1. Blog at least 2-3 times a week.
Yep! Completed this week! :) 

2. Read 26 books.

Still reading The Brave Art of Motherhood by Rachel Marie Martin. 

So that puts me at 1.5 out of 26 for the year!  

3. Read to the boys before bed.
We did this 5 out of 7 nights this week. One day the boys got in trouble so they went straight to bed. The other day they chose to watch extra WWE wrestling before bed. On the nights we did read, we were reading "Star Wars" stories out of one of Ben's books.  

4. Try 12 new recipes at least. 
I tried a new product this week that I had picked up at Dollar Tree.

It was pretty good and I would make it again. I also made freezer breakfast burritos that were awesome. I will share the recipe later this week. 

So for the year I am at 2 out of 12.  

5. Take a walk at least 2 times a week in the winter and at least 3 times in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. 
This was a fail this week. I didn't walk any. We had a super busy week with back to school and extra activities in the evenings. Then the weather didn't cooperate. So fail on this this week. 

6. Take a couple of hours of "me" time on the weekend in some way... whether this is getting away from the house by myself or taking a nap.
I am thinking a nap is in order later today. I am dragging today for some reason and just feel tired to the bone.  

7. Declutter each room of the house and donate things that don't belong in the trash and throw away trash. 
I got the boys' room done last Sunday and got lots of stuff out of there. I also cleaned out kitchen cabinets Friday night and got 3 trash bags full of stuff out of there to donate.     

8. Take 2 overnight trips with the kids and Bill. 
Just in the thinking stages on this one.  

9. Have a date night with Bill at least 2 times a month and have one of those a quarter being a date night OUT of the house. 
Nothing this week but that is okay :) Bill did bring me home some pretty flowers one night though...

10. Get a tattoo. 
I have been thinking about this and am pretty sure that I would like to do a simple shark design. Now to start looking at Pinterest for inspiration. 

11. Lose weight. 
Nothing this week. 

So there you have it. Good on some things, not so good on others. But that is the way it goes sometimes. Now I think I might head back to bed for that nap. I went to the early mass this morning and then taught PSR class. Now I am just dragging so a nap I think is just what I need on the cold, snowy Sunday! Have a great Sunday everyone! 

If you are working on goals for the new year, how are you doing on them? 


  1. I too find I put a lot of goals on the blog, but it is reporting back that hopefully keeps me more accountable-not that I or you are accountable to anyone but ourselves for our goals. I like your goals as very inward and family focused. It sounds like you have positive energy in 2019.

    1. Thanks Sam. I really am trying to have a more positive attitude and honestly being accountable here on the blog is helping me to remember what the goals are and to see any progress/regression. It is a good way to keep a journal of them as most of the time I forget what they are by the beginning of February ;)

  2. Yea you! I don't know anyone who gets all the check marks checked but you had a great week and should feel good about it.
    i have a game plan for the year but nothing specific for the months. Maybe I should break down my aims and goals into monthly segments.

    1. Thanks Anne. I like the idea of breaking larger goals down to monthly segments if you feel that would work for you. Good luck!

  3. You are doing great on your goals! Thinking about trying something weekly for my word of the year but I'm stilling mulling it over. Hope you've had a great weekend so far.

  4. I love my tattoos! I've had ideas for another one for years, but hubby isn't a fan. He is the one who has to look at me the most. ;) Great goal list - I'm still trying to finish mine up for 2019.


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