Thursday, January 10, 2019

Upward Basketball 2019

Last Saturday the kids had their first games of the 2019 Upward basketball season. I have to say that I love our Upward program. My kids have really enjoyed playing and we have had good experiences. So as of this past Saturday we are on basketball duty every Saturday :) 

This past Saturday we started off with Benjamin's game. Last year Ben had a problem with just playing tag with whomever he was supposed to be guarding and not really paying that much attention to the game. 

Well I am pleased to say that this year he stayed on the same side of the court as the ball most of the time. He did get confused as to offense versus defense but he is still learning the game. He had a blast and that is what matters. 

After Ben's game we had about 45 minutes until Jacob had to be there, so we went down the road to Wendy's for lunch.

Then it was back to the court for Jacob's game. Jacob did really well with his defense during the game. He even got a red star for defense after the game.

Immediately following Jacob's game was Rebecca's game. She scored her team's first point after being fouled on a shot. 

She played great offense (scoring 9 points in the game) and great defense (making several steals). 

She is the tallest girl on her team and at one point was guarding the shortest girl on the other team (who was about as tall as Jacob!). LOL

All three kids had a blast and are looking forward to basketball practice tonight and then games on Saturday (hoping the snow storm that we are supposed to get stays away until after the games are over...) 


  1. I love the whole Upward concept of play. Son3 loved it when he was younger too! Have a fun season and enjoy it all.

    1. Thanks Anne. We love it as well. All 3 kids have some great coaches this year. Today was week 2 and I have seen great improvement in all 3 of them.


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