Blogmas 2014: Day 13: Counting Down to Christmas

There are 2 main ways we are counting down the days until Christmas.

First we have the kids advent calenders and books that they get to unwrap each night.

We also have a Santa Claus countdown calender that my hubby bought a few years ago off of a coworkers child as they were selling them for a school fundraiser. 

These are the main 2 ways we are counting down to Christmas in our home! 


  1. Kids make the countdown so much fun!

    1. They do, don't they? And there excitement is contagious! Even if I have had a bad day, I so look forward to opening their advent calenders and reading their story with them as a good thing for my day.

  2. That Santa calendar is beyond adorable! I know of several folks that do the book count down too and just LOVE that idea! How truly fun, yet smart and educational for them!

  3. We used to have an advent calendar with drawers and in each one was the name of a book or film to read or watch in the run up to Christmas! The Santa countdown is really lovely!

  4. We're enjoying reading a book each day too, although I didn't wrap ours this year.....

  5. I absolutely love your little Santa and tree calendar :) very cute hehe

  6. I Love that santa!! so cute. What a great idea of opening a book each day.

  7. Cute Santa countdown! We also use the chocolates...usually from World Market during their buy one get one free deals! I even get one for the Hubs and I to share. Very cute countdowns :)


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