Christmas came and went....

Earlier today, my husband was complaining because I hadn't updated the blog since before Christmas...and I realized that I hadn't. With Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and then Bill having to work this weekend and I came down with some head cold thing (you don't want to hear me talk right now....) time just got away from me. But it is time to rectify that and remember what fun our family had on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Christmas Eve morning Bill had to work. As is becoming tradition, he picked up McDonald's for lunch for the kiddos before we headed out to his parents house for Christmas Eve fun. After lunch, we headed out to my in-laws to spend the afternoon and evening. We exchanged presents, including giving my in-laws their photo book of the kids which they love getting every year, and we had lots of laughs. Benjamin did great opening his own gifts and helping me open mine! We tried to get a picture of the grandkids all together for my mother in law, but Benjamin wanted NO part of it! We had beef tenderloin and fried chicken for dinner, with the wind howling outside. We were under a high wind warning and temperatures were around 60 degrees outside. We stayed at my in laws until close to 10 that night so that the winds would be able to die down, which thankfully they did; although when we got home we discovered that our outdoor lights were half blown down and our snowman decoration was blown into the neighbor's yard....

When we got back home, Santa's elves had come and left a present under the tree for each of pajamas and the "Night Before Christmas" book as is tradition. The kids left cookies and milk out for Santa and reindeer food out for the reindeer and then they were off to bed. After, I made sure they were asleep, Bill went down to the basement to wrap his presents to me and I played Santa and filled the stockings and placed gifts under the tree. Then I turned out all the lights except for the tree and watched some of the Christmas Mass from Rome by Pope Francis on TV kind of as a nod to my late Uncle Jim.

Christmas morning, the kids slept in until around 9 or so and they waited to come downstairs until Bill and I were awake. When we came down, the kids saw that Santa had come and left them full stockings, a present and donuts and cereal for breakfast. They then opened their stocking, as did Bill and I. Bill got his coal again, among other things. I will say Bill did wonderful on my stocking...I got Lindt truffles, a toothbrush, and a large Hershey chocolate bar among other things.

Then we opened the donuts up before we started opening presents, to discover that Benjamin LOVES chocolate donuts (I think he ate half a bag!) and that he does not like the powdered kind. He took one bite and put it back in the bag. LOL Then the kids got to open their Santa gift-- Rebecca was thrilled with her arts and crafts stuff, Jacob loved his frog stretchkin and Benjamin LOVED his Paw Patrol cars. Santa even brought me a Green Bay Packers hoodie and brought Bill a Monty Python dvd. After they opened their Santa gifts, we took turns opening other presents and all were well received. I received a new bottle of perfume, a journal, candles, and a breakfast sandwich maker among other things as presents.

After opening gifts, we just kind of hung out, until it was time to head to my parent's house for Christmas dinner. We again exchanged presents and spent time with my mom, dad, sister who was home from college, brother, and my married brother and his wife and their 3 children. Rebecca, Jacob and Ben had fun running around playing with their cousins. We had a nice dinner and lots of laughs.

 It was overall a blessed, great Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!


  1. Your husband is hilarious! His pictures always crack me up:) I am so glad you had such a wonderful Christmas! I was wondering, when do you take down your tree? I am dreading putting everything up;)

    1. Hi Jacqueline! We typically take our tree down on New Year's Day. I try to have everything back to normal before the kids go back to school and I go back to work. That being said, this year we took it down this past Saturday as the new toys and mess was just overwhelming me. We took just the tree down and the outside lights that had fallen. We will leave the rest of the things up, including the nativity until New Year's Day.


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