St. Nicholas visited yesterday

Yesterday, December 6 was the feast day of Saint Nicholas. This feast day is celebrated in many Christian denominations, including in my family's Catholic faith.

Rebecca and Jacob celebrated St. Nicholas' feast day at school on Friday. They had to take a shoe to school to leave out on Thursday night and Friday when they went to school they found an orange, a Hershey kiss and a small candy cane in their shoe.

In our family, it is tradition that we set out shoes on the eve of December 5 and overnight St. Nicholas comes and places a treat and an ornament that represents something major in that child's year in their shoe.

This year was no different. Friday night, Rebecca and Jacob placed the shoes by the front door before they went to bed  and they insisted that they put one of Bill's shoes and one of mine there too....

Saturday morning the kids awoke to find this site...

The filled shoes

The kids each got a pack of m&m's candy and an ornament. Bill and I got a pack of Reese cups. The kids loved their ornaments which were representative of their first time to the beach this past summer.

From left to right: Rebecca's ornament with the mermaid and Santa, Jacob got a pirate turtle, and Benjamin got a turtle making a sand castle with Santa. Each ornament says Emerald Isle, NC and has their name and year on the bottom. 

Does your family follow the tradition of leaving a shoe out for St. Nicholas? 


  1. No, that's custom I wasn't aware of - what a fun tradition! :)

    1. I started the ornament and candy tradition last year after Rebecca asked why St. Nick left them something at school but not at home. LOL But I really look forward to it as well.

  2. Awesome! Our kids got chocolate coins and slim jims. The toddler has a salt tooth. :)

    1. Glad to hear I am not the only one who leaves treats in their too. I always gave them an ornament at Christmas as part of their presents, but now we get to enjoy the ornaments on our tree for that year too! That is funny that your toddler has a salt tooth! Ben didn't seem very interested in his M&Ms....


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