Blogmas 2014: Day 17: Christmas in my home country traditions and pictures

Honestly, I almost skipped over today's post because I really feel like everyone already knows what we do here in the USA. Bill and I are not overly connected to our heritages lines so other than incorporating some of the foods that I grew up with at Christmas, like the poppy seed roll and kolacky, there really is nothing that is native that we do.

The things that are tradition to us and we hope that maybe one day our own children will be doing are:

-putting the Christmas tree up the weekend immediately following Thanksgiving
-making the nativity a focal point of the mantel
-having an advent wreath and lighting the candles each night at dinner time
-following along on an advent calender and countdown of some sort
-volunteering our time or talents this time of the year (I have been baking cakes for different occasions)
-waiting until after the kids are in bed to place gifts under the tree and fill stockings
-take change with us to the store so that we can put change in the red kettles for the Salvation Army
-watching Christmas movies and cartoons together as a family
- celebrating St. Nicholas on his feast day (Dec. 6)

So those are just a few of the traditions that I hope that my children will take from our life and use in their own futures. They are special to our family, even if they are not deeply rooted in our heritage lines.


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