Blogmas 2014: Day 20: Last minute gift ideas

I am an anal person when it comes to having everything done for Christmas BEFORE Christmas Eve. However, inevitably there is that occasion where I messed up or I forgot something, or my husband comes to me and says that he is in need of a gift for his coworker for their office gift exchange the next morning....

Enter my number one last minute gift idea.....


I know it is not the most original, but gift cards are the most practical for our life for those last minute gift ideas. I try to keep a few on hand that can be used and I sometimes have ones that I have been given as a gift that I know that I will NOT use ever, so I have no problems re-gifting those when appropriate. For example, last year Bill needed a $5 gift for work and I had a $5 gift card to Starbucks that I knew I would never use, so I gave him that to use for his gift exchange at work. 

So for us, Gift cards are the go to for last minute gift ideas. It is what works for us! 


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