Blogmas 2014: Day 19: Preparing for Christmas

We are in full on, let's get ready for Christmas mode here at our house. I am DONE shopping. In fact, I told Bill that I did not want to step foot into a store until after Christmas for groceries. The house is decorated. The outside of the house is decorated. We have been lighting our advent wreath at night to help us remember the reason for the season. We have been giving of our time and resources to help those less fortunate. Christmas cards were mailed (as of  yesterday! way later than I normally have them out!). But there is still a ton to do...

Here is my to-do list from now until Christmas Eve (and this is on top of all the everyday household items that need to be done because laundry doesn't care that I am getting ready for Christmas!):

  • Finish making 2 gifts
  • Finish wrapping presents (I have the kids' presents and Bill's presents all wrapped, now need to wrap everyone elses)
  • Make cookies with the kids for Santa
  • Attend Rebecca and Jacob's Christmas program
  • One more day of work before I am off for 2 weeks
  • Make a chocolate pie and an apple pie for Christmas Day dinner
  • Figure out Christmas Day lunch
  • Write thank you notes for Christmas gifts given to me by students at school
I have a lot left to do...but when all is said and done the most important thing that I can do to prepare for Christmas this year is to remember that I also need to make sure there is time to be present to my husband and kids and to enjoy this season of our lives because my kids won't be at these ages for very long. 


  1. you are so right re: kids, they grow so quickly.

    Great plan!! Enjoy your time off.


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