Blogmas 2014: Day 5: Favorite Christmas Food

Today's theme is all about Christmas food! 

Now I was thinking, what foods do I associate with Christmas? What foods are my favorites? Then I started thinking about Christmases growing up and what foods we had then....and I realized that 2 of my all time favorite Christmas foods were from when I was growing up.....

Growing up, Christmas Eve we always went to my Grandma Rose's house and there we had a buffet style pot luck dinner. I remember loving the homemade coleslaw with eggs on top that my Grandma made. We always had ham too. And then one of my favorite foods was my Grandma's Kolacky. I have made them several times as an adult and while they are really good, they are not as good as my Grandma's. 

On Christmas morning, we always had poppy seed roll that my dad would make from my Gram's recipe. Again, I have made it a couple of times since I have grown up and it brings back so many memories. 

So for me, those are my favorite Christmas foods....kolacky and poppy seed roll!  


  1. Oh,I'm SO hoping you post the recipes for kolacky and poppy seed roll!

    1. I will be posting them on the 10th on the day for your fave cookie recipe. :)


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