The kids were in their school's Christmas play

Last night, we attended the kids' school's annual all school Christmas play.

First up was the preschool classes. They go on stage first and say a little rhyme they have memorized and/or sing a song. This year, Jacob is in preschool and their class said a little poem they had learned about the birth of Jesus and then they sang "Happy Birthday" to Jesus. It was very sweet!

After the preschoolers do their part, then the kids in elementary and middle school get to put on their play. Each year, the music teacher puts together an "original" play based on another story idea for the kids in grades K-8. One year it was a Christmas play based loosely on "Harry Potter." This year the show was loosely based on "The Snow Queen." In the show each class usually sings 2 songs as a class, and then everyone comes together for the grand finale, where as a school they typically sing "Silent Night" and "We wish you a Merry Christmas."  It is always a nice show.

This year, Rebecca's class were flowers in a garden and Rebecca was a tulip. She had 4 lines to say. 2 were her own, and 2 were a friend's who unfortunately was out sick.

Overall, it was a very nice play and a nice night for and with the kids! We did end up having to take Benjamin as we could not find a babysitter, and he was relatively well behaved and only got loud a couple of times! Overall, he did really well. Maybe that was his Christmas present to us!


  1. I hope you got to wear jeans to yours. :) And it looks adorable!

    1. LOL...Yes I DID wear jeans to the play, but I added a nice red sweater :)


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