Blogmas 2014: Day 18 : Stocking Stuffer ideas

Today we are going to talk about stockings.....

I fill the stockings of the kids and Bill. This year I told Bill that HE is responsible for filling my stocking as the last few years I have filled my own and I want to be surprised this year. (We do stockings for the adults too, as one year Rebecca asked why Santa didn't leave us one....). In recent years we have included candy, treats, a cookie, a new toothbrush and toothpaste, coloring books, a new character cup, and/or a stuffed animal. This year, the boys are getting a stuffed paw patrol puppy in theirs and Rebecca is getting a stuffed Olaf from "Frozen."

I obviously don't have any pictures of the stockings from this year, but I have pictures of last years stockings...

One of the other stocking stuffer traditions in our house is that every year my husband gets "coal" in his stocking from Santa. Sometimes it is chocolate coal, sometimes it is a rock style....

Speaking of my husband, when I told him that today's post was about stocking stuffers, he said you HAVE to talk about my mom's stockings...

Every year, Bill's mom fills these ENORMOUS stockings (literally they are 3-4 feet tall) with stuff from the dollar tree, and she individually wraps each thing. Every year we get a tube of toothpaste, a toothbrush, thin mints, a soap holder, hand sanitizer, socks, a hat, a candle, generic candy, a baggie full of m&ms, and a few gag gifts. Once year, Bill got googly eyes in his....

And another year he got a set of glasses with an attached mustache...

Usually the kids get stuff that they either break or does not last or again are dollar tree toys that aren't meant to last. Honestly, I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but I wish she wouldn't do these things. We have told her over and over that she does not need to do stockings, but she doesn't listen to us. She says she will not do them, but then come Christmas there they are. I typically take all the things that we can't use or I don't want my children to have and we donate them so they don't go to a complete waste.


  1. I LOVE that your hubby gets a coal each year as one of his goodies! Lol!! That's a hoot. Hope he comes through for yours this year.

    Too bad about your mom-in-law not respecting your wishes, but nice that you donate the items.

  2. It sounds like your Mother in Law really enjoys making up those stockings! Great that you'll be getting surprises in your stocking this year!!


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