Took the kids to see Santa....

This afternoon, Santa made a visit to our town square so Bill and I decided to take the kids to see him. We try to take them at least once to see Santa and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

We did not tell them where we were going, but once we pulled up Rebecca recognized where we were going and she was SO excited. 

As we waited our turn, Jacob seemed nervous.

When it was our turn, Rebecca entered the little area that Santa was in, and she got right on his lap and started talking to him. Jacob would NOT enter the room where Santa was and refused to even go to the doorway. I took Ben in and tried to get him to sit on Santa's lap and he would NOT. 

So Rebecca got to tell Santa what she wanted and I assured Jacob and Benjamin that we had already told Santa what they wanted as well. Rebecca told Santa she wanted "arts and crafts stuff, including her very own sketch pad." We had already told Santa that Jacob wanted a frog stretchkin and Benjamin wanted paw patrol toys. 

Santa was nice and gave Rebecca 3 candy canes to share with her brothers and 3 slap bracelets to share as well. 

Their reactions did not surprise me one bit. It was very typical of my kids. LOL

Do you take your kids to see Santa? Are they scared of him or do they do well? 


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