Blogmas 2014: Day 16: Christmas Tree Reveal

Every year, we put our Christmas tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving. This year was no different...

On Saturday, Bill lugged all the totes up from the basement and he and the kids set to work setting up our artificial tree... We do an artificial tree every year mainly due to convenience and cost. Maybe one day we will get a real tree.

We always do the same process...Bill and Rebecca put the pole together. Bill, Rebecca and Jacob put the limbs on. Bill puts the lights and garland on. Then the kids with help from me put the ornaments on, with Bill and I putting a few ornaments on as well.

And then finally.....when all was said and done.....

We had our 2014 Christmas tree!

And with all the toys underneath it that really do keep the kids from moving and touching the ornaments!


  1. Benjamin looks super excited this year!! Your tree looks great! I like artificial trees - less MESS!!

  2. Pretty tree and they looked like they had so much fun putting it all together!

  3. Pretty Beautiful tree and joyous family :)


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