Jacob got glasses and I made 10 cakes!

My life has been one big ball of busyness lately...between the holidays, everyday life, appointments, evaluations, etc. I don't know if I am coming or going. This week, one great thing happened and that is that Jacob got his new glasses. 

About a month into school, his teacher noticed there was some issues with his vision and his motor skills, so we have been starting the process of getting him tested to see if he needs some sort of physical or occupational theraphy. One of the first things that the intervention specialist wanted done was to get Jacob's vision tested, because she thought it was a vision issue causing these delays. We took Jacob to an eye doctor and sure enough Jacob has issues with one of his eyes. He is near sighted and has a slight lazy eye. His other eye is better than 20/20 vision because it has been overcompensating for the other eye. So his eye doctor recommended glasses. Well, Jacob's glasses came in this week and Bill said that when Jacob put them on the first time his eyes got real big and he was looking all around like he was seeing things for the first time. He seems to really like his glasses and he makes that comment if we take them off, that he can't see. 

Another thing that happened this week, is that I had to make 10 cakes for our school's St. Nick dinner. I made and decorated 10 cakes that they were going to use for a cake walk raffle. It took most of Wednesday morning to bake and most of Thursday night to decorate. But they were all delivered on time and a friend won one of them and she said it was very yummy! So that is what matters! 

Any big things happen to you this week? 


  1. That is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Jacob's glasses that is. Those cake? That is the most wonderful thing I have ever ever seen and I wish I lived nextdoor to you. :)

    1. Aww thanks Erin! :) It would be cool if we lived next to each other! :)

  2. 10 cakes?!? How awesome are you!!?? Wow!!


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