Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Polar Vortex 2019 is here....

Like so many in the United States today, we are dealing with the Polar Vortex (Winter Storm Jayden). The weather right now is COLD.

Current Weather

-4° F RealFeel® -36°

They say actual temperature here is -4 and real feel is -36!! Insanely cold. So far our heater is working overtime and it is currently 67 here in the house. I usually keep it at 68 so it isn't that much lower.

Thankfully, the kids are home from school. Their school system actually sent a letter home yesterday cancelling school today and tomorrow due to the dangerous wind chills. I have done the best that I can do. I have plastic on the windows that don't have storm windows on them. I have all the blankets in the house clean. Water is dripping in the sinks so pipes don't freeze. Potato soup is in the crockpot for dinner. I might make some muffins or something later. I am wearing layers. I have one of my babysitting kids today. Her parents' work didn't cancel. Many places around here are going to essential personnel only. The post office isn't delivering or picking up mail today. It is dangerously cold.

We are just hunkering down here at home. The kids are playing and watching cartoons. I have some laundry going and might work on "Marie Kondoing" my desk area so I can get tax stuff together. I also foresee reading some books on the couch under a warm blanket later. :) 

If you have to be out in the cold, please wear layers and prepare for the cold. Hope everyone is staying warm. I will leave you today with one question....


  1. Generally, unless both temperatures are below -15, and wind chill is -40 or below, schools won't close. This week though, they closed for blowing and rifting snow n Monday, then yesterday and today for the -25 or colder temps and -40 or lower wind chills in the entire state. Tomorrow morning is supposed to be just as cold, but warming to 11 for the high. no word if school will go on yet.

  2. We had some school closures here as well though I think we were on the edge of the polar vortex and our temps weren't as low as yours even though we are north of you. Weather is so crazy these days - now it is raining!!!


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