C is for.... Couponing MY way

I love using coupons when I am buying things for our family....Cents off coupons for grocery and household items, % off coupons for clothes and other items, $ off coupons for when we go out to eat, coupon codes for getting more online. You name it, I love to use it!

That being said, I would like to clarify that I am NOT one of those people who use coupons for everything just because I have a coupon. I read a story recently where a woman bought 30  bags of cat litter just because it was $0.47 with her coupons....the thing is the woman DOES NOT have a cat. Personally, I find that ridiculous. If she was going to donate it to a local animal shelter that is one thing, but the story did not say that. (I hope that is what she did!)

Personally, I like to save money, but I like my sanity better. I will use coupons if I come across one that goes with what is on my grocery list or that allows me to try a product for free. This past weekend when I went grocery shopping, I used a total of 3 coupons at Kroger. There just weren't any coupons for the things that I was buying.

That being said there are times that I will use coupons and coupon codes. When I shop online I will look for a coupon code for free or reduced shipping, etc. I shop through Ebates to get cash back. I check out Coupon Chief and the stores websites. If we go out to eat, then I check out that restaraunt's website to see if they have coupons available. Just this past weekend, I took my husband to Rooster's for wings. Before we went, I checked online and for signing up for their newsletter, I got a coupon for $2 off my next dine-in purchase. While it was NOT a lot off, it did pay for my son's grilled cheese lunch!

So Couponing MY way means that if I come across a coupon that I will use then I will use it. I will not buy 10-20 newspapers just to have tons of coupons for items that I don't need or want.  That may be the philosophy of some people but that is NOT me. I will do what I feel is right for my family and couponing my way is one way that I live better one day at a time!


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