O is for....online

I spend a lot of time online. More than I probably should....but I feel like it is part of my job as mom and wife to get good deals for our family, be our chief financial officer, and just learn ways to have a better family. One way that I do this is through reading online blogs. I have my favorites that I read daily and recently I have come across several that have had really relevant posts. I would like to share them with you today:

The Frugal Girl offers How to Keep Up with Your Credit the Frugal Way

Life as Mom offers 6 Good Things to Do with your Kids for Easter

Penny at The Saved Quarters offers Making the Most of Daily Deal Sites

If you get a chance check these out. Are there any sites or articles that you find especially helpful? Let me know about them!


  1. Found you thru the a-z challenge. My topic for today is One Day at a Time, so I love your button in the sidebar. So nice to "meet" you.


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