R is for....Rebecca

Rebecca...sweet Rebecca....my first born. My daughter who decided on November 28, 2006 that she had had enough of the tests that Mommy had to go through. That she didn't want to react right to Mommy's non-stress tests at the doctor. She didn't want to move at all for the bio-physical profile at the hospital so the doctors decided to induce Mommy 3 weeks earlier than her due date. As the nurse is setting me up for the induction she is laughing because Rebecca is moving so much in utero that she is having a hard time keeping the monitor on me. So this post is R is for Rebecca.

Rebecca who has always had her own sense of style!

Rebecca who has always loved letters and numbers and magnets!

Rebecca who loves art!

Rebecca who loves to be silly!

Rebecca who is a great big sister to Jacob!

Rebecca who is a big help to Mommy!

Rebecca who loves to play outside!

Rebecca who has her daddy's sense of humor!

Rebecca who is growing up way too fast!


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