P is for....photos

We have been busy these last few days...

Sunday we took the kids to our friend "Mimi"'s house for an egg hunt that she hosts.

Mimi is a truly wonderful woman. She only works part time at the after school program that I work at and she pinches her pennies to make ends meet, however she was able to host 60+ kids at her house for an egg hunt with over 2000 eggs handpacked with candy and trinkets. She has been hosting it for 5 years and each year it gets bigger and bigger. She is such a sweetheart and is a truly good friend. The egg hunt was a blast for the kids.

So my P for today is Photos from the egg hunt!

hiding the 2000+ eggs

some of the kids and adults

Me with Rebecca and Jacob

the empty eggs after the fact
I will have to say it was fun. The weather was sunny and WINDY but it was great! 


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