Menu Plan and Grocery Shopping

Last week I decided to change up the way that I do my grocery shopping to see if that would help me cut our grocery bill. This week was the first week that I did this. I decided to go to Aldi and to Walmart.

I had to go to Walmart anyway to get a prescription filled and to pick up the last things for Jacob's Easter basket, so I picked up a few grocery items from there that I knew were cheaper there than at Kroger.

Walmart Trip
Spent: $16.35
Used Free item coupon for Temptations, $0.35 off (x2) coupons for goldfish, and $0.75 off 3 for Hamburger Helpers

Then I went to Aldi to fill in the majority of our needs for the week..milk bread, produce, cereal, butter, etc....

Total Spent: $40.58

On Sunday afternoon, I DID run to Kroger to get gas for our car, a newspaper and Rebecca wanted a melon. So I bought her a melon for $1. That was it. It was so nice only to spend $1 at Kroger!

Total spent this week..... $16.35 + $40.58 + $1.00 for a total of : $57.93!!!! (Under budget by $12.07!!! FINALLY!!!) I hope I can keep this up. I will admit that it felt strange NOT to do most of our shopping at  Kroger but it will probably be better for my wallet if I only go there for their loss leaders if I know it is a good price.

Now on to our menu plan:

Last week really didn't go to well. I didn't have motivation to cook. I just didn't feel like it. But I feel better when I do and so I have to get back on track starting NOW!!!

Monday: Chicken patties, green beans, and applesauce

Tuesday: Lasagna, garlic bread, broccoli

Wednesday: baked chicken, mixed veggies, pears

Thursday: pizza and carrots

Friday: fish, macaroni and cheese, leftover veggies from the fridge

Saturday: salad and sandwiches

Sunday: Hamburger helper, salad, green beans


  1. you did great grocery shopping! Your menu sounds great too. We're having pizza and fish too. :)

    Have a great week

  2. Do you like Kroger?
    I see it all over blogger, and we don't have one. Why did you decide to change from shopping there?
    Just wondering.
    Our Aldi is about 2 1/2 hours away, so no go.
    You did great though!

  3. @ Keli-- Thanks!

    @ Brooke Anna-- I do like Kroger. They definitely have the best lost leaders here where I live. However, their overall prices are on the rise A LOT causing our budget to rise. For example their milk is $3.79 a gallon now, while Aldi milk is $1.79. I am not going to stop shopping there all together, but I will be more selective about what I buy there.


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