Letters of Intent


Foursons has a great weekly feature that she runs, called Letters of Intent. In it, she invites readers to write their own letters of intent and to link them up to her post. This week I have decided to join in....

Dear Mother Nature,

Really?? Do I have to write to you AGAIN?? I am starting to sound like a broken record every week. You know that it is April 1st right? Why was there SNOW the other day?? I don't know who or what made you mad, but please get in the act. Spring is here. We have now had snow for the past 6 months. That is completely ridiculous! You will feel much better if you just bring us seasonal temperatures and the right weather for a change.  So please do.

Not loving this cold weather.

Dear A's Mom,

I don't understand. I agreed to watch your daughter this week while the kids were on Spring Break. You brought her on time on Monday. But every day since you have been later and later dropping her off. Aren't you getting in trouble for coming into work late? You say you can't get her up....well you are the mom so I have 2 suggestions...1--make her go to bed earlier or 2---make her get up when you tell her too. Don't allow her to stay in bed. I know that she is spoiled however you are the mom and if you let her get away with this stuff now, what is she going to be like as a teenager?

Mrs. Davis

Dear House,

I am so SORRY that I was unable to Spring clean you this week. It was just too much with A being here and with the weather being cold, snowy and dreary. I PROMISE to get working on it. I am making a list tonight to detail what I need/want to do. I haven't forgotten you, even if you think that I have. I WILL make it up to you!

a sorry housewife
To read more letters of Intent please visit Foursons.


  1. Sorry you are still having cold weather! Maybe the start of April and baseball season will bring warm weather.

  2. Oh my gosh- the weather is still bad?! What the heck is up with that? Come on spring, you're desperately needed and loved!

    If you get your house in order can you come do mine? It's a disaster and I don't see it getting fixed any time soon.

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. deepintheheartoftexas2 and Foursons---the weather here is wacky. It was in the 50s today and sunny, but apparently overnight tonight we expecting some snow. I HOPE and PRAY warm weather is coming to stay soon!

  4. That weather has been crazy! I am not a fan of the cooler temps lately and am so ready for some dry weather !:)

    And yup, if I'm the mom, my kiddo gets up on time... as long as I'm on time! :)

    And I'm cracking up at your name, didn't know too many Rachel Davises!


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