A is for....Art

As I have gotten older and am trying to live better each day, one thing that I have always returned to are hobbies that I enjoy. Hobbies help people stress less. They help to allow us to relax. One hobby that I love and seem to gravitate toward is.....


When I am stressed, or depressed I can take out my art pad, and my crayons and colored pencils and draw to my hearts content and feel better. Creating something that to me is beautiful is soothing. I am not the greatest artist, but I do feel that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I enjoy the act of creating art, and that is what matters.

I enjoy coloring books, coloring with markers, crayons and colored pencils. I enjoy drawing my own designs. Some of my favorite pictures that I have drawn include a baseball player, Santa, a lighthouse scene, and a cartoon character.

Art is something that helps me to live better one day at a time, especially if that day is very stressful! What is something creative that you like to do?


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