Choo-choos, Darth Vader, pizza, and friends.

We had a fun and busy weekend. 

On Saturday morning, I took the kids to our local library to return books and get new ones. I am so happy that I have children that love to read. Rebecca almost always has her nose in a book. 
We came home with quite a few books for them to read. 

While we were at the library, Ben was excited to see that they had a motorized train set up for the holidays. He loved watching it go round and round. 

During the afternoon, I was doing laundry and Bill decided to watch "Star Wars: A New Hope" and Benjamin LOVED it. He loves Darth Vader and he paid so much attention to the movie. I think he is hooked. 

On Saturday night, we had our friends, Sarah and Greg over with their daughters, Amelia and Audrey, for dinner and a movie. Amelia and Rebecca are best friends and used to go to the same school together. When we pulled our kids out of the school, so did Sarah and Greg. 

We made homemade mini pizzas and had salad for dinner. Sarah and her girls made really cute reindeer peanut butter cookies for dessert. They were so cute and SO good! 

After dinner, we all sat around our living room and watched "The Polar Express." Benjamin LOVED the movie and paid a lot of attention to it as it was all about choo-choos! 

It was a wonderful evening with friends. We were happy because Bill was able to be home for part of it and Sarah's husband Greg actually had the night off so he was able to come as well. Usually it is just Sarah and the girls and me and our kids. 

After they left, the kids went to bed and I fell asleep on the couch exhausted after the busy day, but happy as it was a good day.


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