Christmas Morning and Afternoon

If our Christmas Eve was wonderful, our Christmas Day was awesome (as my daughter would say!)! We had a wonderful Christmas Day. 

It started out around 8:30 when our kids came in to wake us up. We headed downstairs to see that Santa had indeed come to our house and the kids were so excited. 

We opened stockings first. 

Then they got to open their gifts. The kids took turns opening their gifts one at a time. They all loved their gifts that they got. 

Santa brought them each one gift-- Rebecca received Shopkins, Benjamin received Thomas the train trains from "The Great Race" and "The Great Race" dvd and book, and Jacob received a Cleveland Browns lego set. And Santa brought the whole family a "Mythbusters" game. Santa brought Bill a Marvel trivia game and he brought me an oceans adult coloring book.

Rebecca also received a couple new books, an outfit, shopkins necklace, 100 gel pens, a coloring poster,  a coloring puzzle,  and a Spongebob Squarepants adult coloring book.

Jacob received a couple of new books, an outfit, a basketball guys set, a football board game and a Rob Gronkowski poster that he was over the moon about. 

Benjamin received a Captain America pillow, a set of super heros, a puzzle and game all in one, a Star Wars book, a Star Wars shirt and hat. 

After the kids opened their gifts, Bill and I opened ours. Bill received a Star Wars book, a Batman blu-ray, 2 shirts (including one with a quote from "Mythbusters"), and a 1 pound package of Reese's cups. I received Nicholas Sparks' new book, a set of 3 new skillets, and "The Magnolia Story" book.

It was a very nice, relaxing morning. We always do Hostess mini donettes for breakfast and so while the kids were opening presents they were also enjoying their donettes. The house was a glorious mess and I really didn't mind as much that there was stuff everywhere. ;-) 

In the afternoon, Rebecca played with her shopkins, Ben played with his trains, and Bill and Jacob played some of his football game. I was baking as my mom texted in a panic that she had forgot to get rolls for dinner. She wanted me to see if anywhere in our town was open, but there wasn't. A quick google search and I found a great no-yeast recipe for rolls that everyone loved. So I spent my afternoon baking those. 

Overall, it was a wonderful Christmas morning and afternoon, with more memories to come that evening.  


  1. Sounds like your family had a great time! I love the pictures! =)


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