"With All My Heart" Christmas Concert

Tuesday night we attended Rebecca and Jacob's school's Holiday program/concert. It was titled "With All My Heart" and featured each set of classes performing 3 songs that fit the holiday theme. 


We got there almost 40 minutes early and it was already packed in the lobby as people were waiting for the doors to be opened at 7. We were able to get seats 3 rows from the front, as most people were taking their children to their teachers first before they were sitting down. We found our seats first and then the kids went to their teachers. Thankfully, Rebecca knew exactly where she was going and Jacob's teacher's section was a few rows to behind us. My parents and my youngest brother and his girlfriend also came and they were able to sit with us. 

Ben and my dad being silly while we were waiting for the program to start
The Kindergarten and First grade classes started the night off. They sang "Must be Santa," "Star Light, Star Bright," and "Jolly Old St. Nicholas." Jacob was cute and did a great job singing and doing most of the movements. 


The Kindergarten and First grade classes


Between each classes section, there was a lull, where we let Benjamin climb on different family members laps and we took silly selfies. He was mad because I wouldn't let him have my phone during the performances as I was using it to take pictures.

Ben, my youngest brother Josh, and Me

Finally, it was time for 4th grade and Rebecca's class. The Fourth grades performed "O Christmas Tree," "Shalom Chaverim," and "Peace Like a River." 


The fourth graders


During "Peace Like a River" Rebecca was one of 7 kids who were chosen to play the xylophones which added something extra to the performance. She was so nervous when her class went up, but she did beautifully. 

Rebecca is on the xylophone
Overall, it was a lovely evening and a good way to get into the Christmas spirit. 


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