Relaxing Saturday so far....

Yesterday, I mentioned that I was trying to be more conscientious of finding relaxing time in my day and trying to be more intentional in how I spend time with Bill and the kids. As CTMOM put yesterday in the comments, "There will always be more laundry, more cleaning. Time with family is precious, enjoy it!" I am trying to take that too heart. 

Today has been a great day so far. I think that I have had a good mix of getting things done and spending time with the family. 

This morning, we headed out to Walmart bright and early so we could get Bill a new phone. His cell phone is an older model and it hasn't been receiving texts or picture messages for a while now. I am worried he will be missing important texts. It was a last minute decision, but one that we both knew was coming. He got a phone that was the same as mine. After we came home, I cut Bill's hair and the boys' hair. 

Bill is a sports editor and he had to cover a local wrestling tournament today. For the morning part, he took Jacob with him so that Jacob could see real wrestling. Jacob was so excited to go with Bill. While they were gone, I took Rebecca and Jacob to the local church where she is going to be playing Upwards basketball to pick up her uniform. She loves it.

Then I asked her to clean up her room and then help Benjamin make his and Jacob's beds. Then I helped them put up their Christmas trees in their rooms. Well I helped the boys and then I watched Rebecca do hers. They are so excited to have a trees in their rooms. 

After lunch, Rebecca helped Bill put up the outside lights on the house and I made peanut butter cup cookies for the family as a treat. During this time, I was also flipping laundry and just moving at my own pace.

Around 4, I laid down on the couch and spent some time dozing and watching TV with the kiddos before dinner. It was nice to just relax. 

Tonight, we are probably going to watch a Christmas special-- maybe Rudolph or "A Charlie Brown Christmas," or maybe we will will have another coloring session. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Saturday!  


  1. That sounds like a great family day! I think you did an amazing job finding balance!


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