Low key wonderful Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day have come and gone. I can say that it was a wonderful holiday. 

On Friday, my sister came over and helped the kids decorate sugar cookies for Santa. I used a new recipe this year from the Frugal Girl and they turned out fabulous! I will definitely be adding this recipe to our repertoire. 

Christmas Eve, Bill was home all day and we just hung around the house. The family relaxed all day watching football and "Mythbusters" and I even got a nap in! I also had a surprise visit from my brother who called to see if I would wrap his wife's presents. LOL. 

Last year we decided to go out to dinner for Christmas Eve so that we could leave someone a nice tip. This year we ended up at Fiesta Mexicana, our local Mexican restaurant. (Most other restaurants closed at 3 in our town-- so next year we may do lunch out!) 

Dinner was fabulous. The food was wonderful (as always) and they had decorated the restaurant with tinsel and garland. It was really nice; and the restaurant was not packed at all, which made it even more special. 

After dinner, we drove around and looked at Christmas lights in our area. Ben LOVED the lights and kept getting super excited when he saw some. 

When we got home, we found presents of new jammies under the tree and a note telling the kids that they were on the nice list this year and that Santa would be back later.

After everyone donned their new jammies, we settled in and watched "Elf" as a family. The kids had never seen it and Rebecca said she really liked it. 

After the movie the kids left milk and cookies out for Santa and headed to bed. I got put in our room, so that Bill could wrap my presents. Then we were able to put out the kids' presents and we went to bed awaiting Christmas morning with the kiddos. 


  1. Cute cute cute! Thank you for sharing the happy photos also!

  2. I love how you spent your evening. We went out Japanese and were disappointed with the restaurant. Mexican food was our second choice. We should have gone that instead. Those cookies look fabulous!


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