St. Nick came

Yesterday was the feast of St. Nicholas. In our home, we celebrate his feast day by reading a story about his life the night of December 5 and then leaving a shoe by the front door for St. Nick to hopefully leave a treat in. The kids love this tradition. 

The last couple of years, St. Nick has left an ornament that represents that person's year and a treat to be enjoyed. This year was no different. 

This year, St. Nick brought Bill a 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers ornament and a pack of Reese's cups to enjoy.

St. Nick brought me an ornament that has 2 deer and a heart to represent the serenity and love I feel when we take the kids out in nature and walking on the paths. I also got a pack of Reese's.

Rebecca received a "Mythbusters" ornament, as she has become obsessed with that show and she enjoys the science behind it. She did say that I think these were homemade, so I am not sure how much longer it will be before she figures out St. Nick is actually Mommy. She also got an "Olaf" sucker. 

Jacob received a wrestling ornament as he has done several months of wrestling and is really enjoying it. He also received a Captain America sucker.

Benjamin received a "Lion Guard" ornament, as he has become obsessed with the cartoon and with "The Lion King" movies. He also received a Batman sucker. 

The kids were excited about their ornaments and I love that I am teaching them a bit about their Christian history. 


  1. Super cute tradition! Love the homemade ornaments.

  2. What a fun tradition! I love the ornaments and was actually about to ask you where you found the Mythbusters one when I read about them being homemade. Sometimes I'll give my kids something small for St. Nick's day but I'm not super consistent with it. This year our Elf on the Shelf brought in some Frosty blue cream soda (It has a what looks like a Santa picture on the labels) and some flavored candy canes.


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