Santa and Snow

Sunday we took the kids to see Santa Claus. He was appearing at a local real estate office. We headed out in the snow (we got our first measurable snow that night before) to see Santa. I wasn't sure how the kids would react, as in the past years Jacob hasn't wanted to sit on Santa's lap and Ben was afraid as well. 

Well I shouldn't have worried. This year, when it was the kids' turn, Benjamin ran right up to Santa and gave him a big hug and sat on his lap like an old pro. He told Santa he wanted "choo-choos" for Christmas. 

Then Santa suggested we get a picture with all the kids. Rebecca and Jacob stood next to Santa. Jacob didn't want to be near Santa. 

After that picture, it was supposed to be Rebecca's turn, however there were 2 younger kids (they looked like they were 5/6 years old) behind us that rushed up to Santa and jumped on his lap. I told Rebecca and Jacob that they could just come over to where we were standing to wait, as the other kids' mom didn't say anything, she just jumped in front of Bill to take her kids' pictures. I told the kids after that I appreciated that they were patient and didn't yell at the other kids, even though the other kids had no manners at all and neither did their mom. 

Finally, it was my kids' turn again, and Rebecca went first. She told Santa that she would like "Shopkins" for Christmas. 

Then it was Jacob's turn. He really surprised me by going up to Santa and sitting on his lap. He wouldn't look Santa in the eye, but he did tell Santa he wanted "Sports stuff" for Christmas. I was so proud of him for doing something that he found was scary.

After Santa, we took the kids to McDonald's and let them play in the playground area since they were so good when we were seeing Santa.

Later in the afternoon, we got the kids bundled up and we took them out to play in the snow. I went out with them, and Rebecca said she was surprised because I normally stay in the house and do whatever when they go outside. 

I was glad that I went out, as they had a blast and loved playing in the little snow that we got. They absolutely loved throwing snowballs at Bill and I. 

After we came in we warmed up with hot chocolate and marshmallows and watched more football on TV.

It was a nice, family fun filled day. 


  1. What a wonderful day! I loved all the pictures - your kids are so adorable! =)
    Boo to the mom for not teaching her kids manners - although it seems she didn't have any herself! I think it speaks volumes about your parenting and your children's character with how well they reacted to being cut in line! Kudos to you and them!


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