Sickness, a blue tongue and puzzles

Tuesday morning I said that I was just waiting to see if I was going to get sick and I was working on Christmas cards. Well, I am glad to say that Christmas cards got mailed out and are done! AND not so glad to say that I did indeed get sick :-( 

Tuesday afternoon I started feeling queasy and by Tuesday night I was throwing up and was in bad shape. Thankfully, the kids didn't have school Wednesday morning, so I didn't have to be anywhere as Tuesday night was rough. Also, thankfully, this virus/stomach bug/whatever it is seems to only last 12-24 hours, so by Wednesday night I was feeling much better. I am still dealing with back pain, where I think I pulled muscles when I was throwing up. :-( So, it was stomach bug 4- Our family 1 (as Jacob hasn't gotten sick yet. We have now gone 36+ hours with no one throwing up or getting sick, so maybe we are over it!).

In other news, there have been some cute moments this week. Rebecca came out of school on Monday (before she was sick) and just had o take a selfie with her blue tongue. LOL I just love that girl.

Also on Monday afternoon, I had to cancel a tutoring session due to hubby being sick and me needing to pick up from school. Well that child and her mom, stopped by my house to give me a card and a gift card to Tim Horton's for Christmas. It was so sweet of them to stop by.

We have become a family working on puzzles in the last few days. Ben and Bill started the Star Wars puzzle that they got at Dollar Tree on Sunday, and we finished that one. 

Then I put together a baseball one that we have had for years and never opened. 

Then earlier today, I took the kids to Dollar Tree because we ran out of toothpaste and I needed to replace all the toothbrushes, and I picked up 2 more 500 piece puzzles to work on. It is fun and it is supposed to be relaxing. 

Tonight, we tag teamed and Bill took Rebecca to her basketball practice and then to work with him, as he had to cover a high school basketball game. Benjamin and I took Jacob to his wrestling practice. He really loves wrestling and I noticed improvement in him tonight.  

Tomorrow we will be making sugar cookies and decorating them for Santa and cleaning house and getting things ready for the weekend. I am hoping to also maybe take the kids for a walk tomorrow as they really need to get out of the house and run! They have only been home for 2 days for their Christmas break and already they are going bonkers. It is going to be a long 2 weeks. LOL 

So that is what is happening in my little corner of the world tonight. Anything exciting going on in yours? Are you ready for Christmas? 


  1. Our family had that wonderful virus the Friday night and all day the Saturday after Thanksgiving. My son-in-law and grandkids decided to share. My poor husband had it the worse. First with horrible dry heaves then vomiting. We had to drive my ds back to school that Sunday and I don't know how we did it. Everyone but Adam still felt kind of quest. Cheryl

  2. Hope you avoid any more icky sickness. I would be ready for Christmas but I just got an email from Old Navy that the package I have been expecting for over a week is not going to be delivered. Now I have to cancel it and shop a little tomorrow. Boo!


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