Trying to relax

Thank goodness today is Friday! 

Yesterday was crazy. I spent a couple hours at Walmart Christmas shopping in between the kids' school drop off and pickups. I worked yesterday afternoon (including having a very difficult ADHD child who completed 8 math problems in our hour together and then only because I threatened to call mom...). Got home in time to ship Jacob out the door to wrestling, got Rebecca to basketball practice at 6:50, so I could run back to wrestling which ended at 7. Got home around 8:15, got older 2 kids showers, did the kids' advent calendars and had Jacob read a Christmas book to me as part of his homework. It was CRAZY!!!

Today, I didn't have to work so I was able to do some things on my own timeline. I went to the grocery store and picked up some baking supplies that I was in need of. Bill, Ben and I went to lunch. I did some laundry. I also was trying to relax in there. 

I came upstairs from doing laundry and I saw Rebecca was beginning to color. I saw the loads of laundry that needed folded. I saw the toys that needed to get picked up. And yet I made the conscious effort to sit next to my daughter and color. I had picked up a few Christmas coloring books at Dollar Tree last week. And it was fun and relaxing.

In progress-- Rebecca colored the stocking picture. I colored the owl.

The finished products.

I am trying to be more intentional with my time at home because I feel like I was going into a rut with keeping the house spotless and clean, while my kids and my husband were being ignored. I am trying to remedy that. I am also trying to relax more and do things that are fun and because I want to do them, not do things because I have to do them. I really am just trying to learn to relax more.

Now I am off to do more relaxing things...hopefully! I am off to work on my kids Christmas ornaments that they will receive from St. Nick. Wish me luck. 


  1. I can most definitely relate to the idea of getting a bunch of "stuff" done, but not getting enough time with the people you care about. Good for you for working on this, and being more intentional. I need to do the same. :-)

  2. There will always be more laundry, more cleaning. Time with your family is precious, enjoy it! : )


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