icy weather, sickness and wrapping

Oh the weather outside was frightful....

Saturday we had rain and freezing rain all day long. The roads were bad for most of the day. So we stayed in and baked. My sister did come over so she could bake with the kiddos. 

She made peanut butter kiss cookies with Rebecca. And then she made chocolate chip cookies with Jacob.

At one point, Benjamin was loving all over her and then he wanted down and he took a step away and started throwing up. :( He threw up several times that night and was saying his stomach hurt. 

Sunday, the roads were still so bad that they cancelled the kids' PSR classes. So we stayed home, until the afternoon when the roads were able to get cleared a little bit. 

My dad came and took Rebecca and Jacob to go see "Moana". They both said it was really good, although Jacob said he was sad because he missed watching football during the movie. While they were at the movie, Ben was feeling a little better so we bundled him up and headed out to Dollar Tree so he could get a couple things for his sister and brother for Christmas. (Jacob and Rebecca shop at school).

After we got home, Bill and Ben painted a suncatcher set that Ben had picked out and then they started working on a Star Wars puzzle that Ben also picked out. 

I sequestered myself in our bedroom and started wrapping presents. I take our portable DVD player and watch Christmas movies while I wrap. This year I watched "It's a Wonderful Life" and the Alistair Sim version of "Christmas Carol." My back was killing me when I was done, but it is ALL done! 

That is good, as the sickness is moving around the house. Sunday night, Ben came down with diarrhea. And Monday Bill woke up sick with the same symptoms as Ben. Rebecca then woke me up at 3AM as she had thrown up all over her bed. So she is home sick from school today. So that makes 3/5 of us....I figure if I get it, well at least everything is ready for Christmas.

Well I need to go write out Christmas cards and get them ready to mail (I am so late doing that this year!), as that is the last thing (other than making sugar cookies for Santa) that I have to do for Christmas. Hope everyone has a happy Tuesday! 


  1. Oh no, I hope you don't get sick. Take care of yourself so you can have a healthy & happy Christmas! By the way, the Alistair Sim version of the Christmas Carol is the very best one, I think.

  2. Hopefully everyone will be on the mend by Christmas! Sending you all HEALTHY thoughts! =)

  3. Stomach ick at Christmas! Oh how I hope it will be in the past by tomorrow!


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