Basketball Games Started

On Saturday, Rebecca had her very first basketball game. She is playing for the "Upwards" program and I was very impressed with how they do their program. 

Each girl is introduced before each game, there is a little meeting in the middle of all the teams and the refs talked to them. 

Then each game begins. They stress sportsmanship and learning. The referees were great about explaining to the girls why they were calling fouls or double-dribble calls. I also appreciated that they have a unique subbing system which gives each girl equal playing time. 

During half-time, there was a short devotional, which was given this week by the pastor of the church which sponsors the program. 

After the game, the girls went back with their coach and they talked about the game and each girl was awarded a star that they can put on their shirts. Rebecca got a blue star for effort. 

She was so afraid for this first game, but I think she did great. You could tell she was nervous at the beginning, but then she got the hang of defense and did really well. She is already talking about her next game!


  1. So glad your daughter is enjoying basketball. Our youngest son played Upward and it was great for him!

    1. This is our first experience with Upward and we are so happy with how it is structured! We might put Ben in basketball next winter in the program as well.

  2. Your daughter looks so adorable and happy in her uniform! I love the way that this organization is run. Kudos to everyone who is taking the time to actually teach sportsmanship and the rules of the game! Plus I love that each girl gets equal time playing and there aren't any bench warmers! =)

    1. I love that too. I know that there needs to be bench players as support, however, when a child is first learning it is great that they all have the same amount of time to play as someone who might be a whole lot better. Like I said I have been really impressed with how it is run and with the volunteers and coaches who run this.


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