Weigh in Wednesday #4 of 2017

So one of my 2017 goals is to lose 40 pounds by the end of the year. This is a necessity for me, as in the last few months I have gained 15 pounds. That is not good. I want to be healthier and feel better about myself. 

In order to keep me accountable, I am hoping to come back each Wednesday to share my weigh in and my successes and failures from the previous week. So let's hop to it and see how I did this past week, shall we?

My official starting weight (on 1/1/2017) was: 242.0 pounds!
My weight last week was: 237.6 pounds.
My weight this week is: 237.6 pounds. 
So no loss, but also NO gain!   

I am surprised by these results. I REALLY did not want to weigh myself this week. I had a pretty bad eating week and a lower than what I would like exercise week. I was shocked to see the same weight as last week.

Obviously I wish for a loss every week, but I am surprised that there was not a gain this week. The past week has been SUPER stressful (more than normal) and that lead to a lot of stress eating and just being exhausted and not working out a couple days. There may have been a couple of nights of just sitting on my butt after the kids went to bed, watching TV and eating a bowl of ice cream. I am hoping that this week I can get back on track at least on one front-- either the eating or the exercise. I can do this, I just have to look for other ways to control the desire to eat carby, sugary stuff whenever I am fully stressed out.

On the exercise front, I exercised every day except for Friday and Sunday
  • Wednesday: Nothing
  • Thursday: Walked 2.61 miles outside for 56 minutes
  • Friday: Nothing
  • Saturday: Nothing
  • Sunday: 3.1 mile family walk on the Kokosing Gap Trail for 1 hour and 20 minutes
  • Monday: It was raining all day, so I did a 40 minute Wii Fit Plus workout  
  • Tuesday: I walked outside for 2.1 miles for 40 minutes
So I guess 4 out of 7 days of exercise isn't too bad. I have been aiming for 6 out of 7 days but I need to remember that 4 out of 7 is better than none of 7. I am hoping to get things back on track this week. It is so hard with stress, but I need to figure out things to replace the habit of stress eating.  

If you are trying to lose weight in 2017, how is your process going?  


  1. 4 out of 7 days is the majority of the week! Be proud of that. We can do this!

    Thanks for stopping by! It means a lot :)


  2. Yes, absolutely be proud of 4 out of 7 days! When you've had a tough eating and exercise week, it's always nice to see no change on the scale, added motivation that with a better eating and exercise week, the next number will be lower. Have a great week!


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