January Decluttering Project: Closet of Doom (Update #2)

Of one my goals for 2017 is to give our home a deep decluttering. As I mentioned in my New Year's Goals post,  I want to take a room a month and really give it a good cleaning and decluttering. 

For January, I have chosen my nemesis-- the room/closet off of the bathroom. There is a small room off the bathroom that has become a catch-all storage room. It is a disaster so I have dubbed it the Closet of DOOM

Just a reminder, here is the before (taken from the bathroom door looking in, as I could not even walk into the room):

After spending an hour cleaning it during week 1 of January, the closet had transformed to this:

It was a good start but still a ton to do. So this past Sunday, I spent about 45 minutes in the closet of Doom for session #2. We took all the boxes and bags and to Goodwill and that opened up some floor space. So this was my starting point for week #2.

I started by gathering trash. I also decided to clean out the dresser that is in the room. I removed everything from the drawers. A lot got thrown out as it was expired toiletries (from 2012!) and I moved the rest of the first aid stuff to our downstairs bathroom which is where we keep bandaids, etc. I also organized all of our bathroom products and got rid of ones I knew we would never use.  I was able to get a trash bag full of trash out of there. I also got another 1/2 bag of things to donate to Goodwill and a bag full of books to donate to Goodwill. I meant it when I said I was being ruthless.

I also broke down all the boxes that for one reason or another had gotten thrown in this closet. These were Amazon boxes that are too small to pack stuff in  and too big for mailing things. So I broke them all down and they went out to recycling on Monday night. 

Still not done, however, at least now there are huge areas of clean floor.

And I will admit that I smile when I open the door. It is coming along, slowly, but it is coming along!    


  1. Your efforts and hard work is instantly visable as you scan thru the photos, well done! Smiling right alongside you, Rachel!

  2. Quite a difference - feels great doesn't it!


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