Happy Homemaker Monday (1/30/2017)

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a good weekend. We had a good weekend here. Saturday, Rebecca played really well in her basketball game. She is showing improvement every week she plays. Sunday we spent most of the day at Jacob's end of the season wrestling tournament. He did well and wrestled his best yet. The rest of yesterday was just spent relaxing and not really doing much of anything. I felt so guilty but it has been a really long time since I really didn't do anything on a day. My husband kept telling me not to feel guilty.

Now we are back to another beginning of another week. I will be joining in with the lovely Sandra over at "Diary of a Stay at Home Mom" in her Happy Homemaker Monday meme. So let's get started: 

Today it is cold with off and on snow showers. The sun keeps trying to sneak out so that is always a welcome sign. The beginning of this week is supposed to be full of snow showers and just icky weather.

I am trying to decide if I should read In a Different Key: The Story of Autism by John Donovan and Caren Zucker (that I have next on my review pile) or if I should start Stars of Fortune by Nora Roberts that I got for Christmas that I haven't read yet.


On Friday nights, we typically do pizza and a movie for the kids. This year I would like to try to remember what movies we have watched, so I will be recapping here. This past Friday we watched Finding Dory. We have seen this a couple of times before, but it is one of the kids' favorites.

On Sunday, we spent time watching the NFL Pro Bowl game. Not really worth watching but there was nothing else on. We also had the NHL All-Star game on at one point and I think there was also some NBA on as well. LOL


MONDAY: meatloaf, julienne potatoes, peas
TUESDAY: Fish sticks, macaroni and cheese, homemade applesauce in the crockpot
WEDNESDAY: lasagna soup bake, homemade garlic bread
THURSDAY: hot ham and cheese, green beans, fruit
FRIDAY: Pizza grilled cheese and fruit salad
SATURDAY: smoked sausage bake, salad and green beans
SUNDAY: Super Bowl Sunday dinner: Chicken wings, chicken fries, veggies with ranch, chips

Monday: take kids to school, bank, mail rent check, pick Bill up from work, take Bill to get van, Ben has speech and OT, tutor, laundry (at least 2 loads), trash and recycling to curb
Tuesday: kids to school, workout, tutor, Rebecca has AHG 
Wednesday: kids to school, walk, grocery store, tutor
Thursday: kids to school, tutor, work out to dvd, Rebecca has basketball.
Friday: kids to school
Saturday: Rebecca has a basketball game, walk
Sunday: PSR, church, Rebecca has a sports day program at Kenyon, Super Bowl Sunday
And each day has the daily housework that needs to be done.

It isn't too bad. The kitchen is cleaned. I was able to get to the piles in the dining room this weekend so that looks much better. There are a few things out in the living room. Our bedroom (which is the decluttering room for February) is a disaster.   


I have on jeans, a beige/ brown cowl neck sweater and brown knee high boots.
Watching my kids play sports that they enjoy.


So there you have it. A little peek into my life on this Monday. Hope everyone has had a great day and let's see what this week will bring! 


  1. I think anything Nora Roberts is always a great read. ;) Your menu sounds so yummy! I still need to watch finding Dory with my daughter - we haven't seen it yet, but I LOVED Finding Nemo!
    Blessings on your week my Friend. xoxo

  2. Nora Roberts is amazing. I still remember going through a crazy phase about 15 years ago, where I read every single book of hers that the library had hahah

    Loved Finding Dory, so cute :) Hope you have a great week.

  3. Love your menu for the week! We haven't seen Finding Dory; really enjoyed Finding Nemo so I must check it out. You're never too old for Disney. Have a great week - see you Wednesday.

  4. Loved your action shots of the kiddos doing their sport! I saw Finding Dory will be on Netflix in February so I will watch it then, and I am going to have to watch My Little Pony (Granddaughter's favorite show) so Pip and I can talk about it when facetiming.

  5. I still haven't seen Finding Dory. I really should make an effort to watch it as a few preschoolers I know are big fans of it. Great quote for this week. Hope your Tuesday is going well!


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