Oh the places we've been....

The other day as I was reading through blogs and trying to relax, I started thinking about the places that Bill and I have gone on vacations together. This was prompted in part by Sam over at Sam, Coffee, Money, and Thyme. She did a blog post thinking about travel for this year and recalling the places that she and her family have gone on vacations. I thought it would be fun to reminisce about the places that Dear Hubby and I have gone.

Some years our travel has been more expensive and extensive than others. Some years we have done just a short overnight trip, just to get away. Other years we have done a full week away.

So let's see the places that we have gone since we have been together::

August 2004-- Chicago, Illinois (to Wrigley Field to see the Cubs)(overnight) and later in the month to Pittsburgh, PA (to see the Pirates play)
October 2004-- Bucyrus, OH (we just needed to get away so went away for the weekend)(We actually went to Bucyrus like 3 times over 2004-2005 to just escape reality for a bit.)
July 2005-- Gatlinburg, Tennessee and Covington, Kentucky for our honeymoon
May 2006- Cincinnati, OH to see the Reds play and go to the zoo.
June 2006--Emerald Isle, North Carolina with extended family.
July 2006--4th of July weekend in Cleveland to see the Indians play and to go to the zoo
June 2007- Indianapolis, Indiana to meet up with Bill's friends
July 2007- Chillicothe, OH to get away for a couple of days
Summer 2008- Gatlinburg, TN for 4 days
2009- Pittsburgh, PA for a quick overnight trip to meet up with a friend of mine
2010--Indianapolis, IN for a quick overnight trip to go to the Children's Museum and the Indianapolis Zoo
2011--No trips
2012--Kentucky--quick overnight trip to go to Big Bone Lick State Park and then to the Newport Aquarium
2013- No trip
July 2014- Indian Beach, North Carolina for a week
July 2015- Gatlinburg, Tennessee for a week
July 2016- Indian Beach, North Carolina for a week
November 2016- Pittsburgh, PA for a quick overnight trip to visit a friend from overseas

So we have been a lot of places together. We have taken the opportunity to travel and just get away even if it is just for a quick overnight trip.

This year, while we would like to take a week's vacation, the finances just don't add up right now. So we are looking into our options. We are also thinking proximity since it will be a shorter trip. We started looking into Hershey, PA as a possibility. However, we are just in the beginning stages of planning so we shall see what this year brings.


  1. I am not sure I could even remember all the trips we have taken, but we have been married a really long time. It is interesting to think about them though. I do know each and every summer since we have been married we had taken at least one trip to the beach (though most years we go several times), but now that our sons are grown and live in different places we seem to travel to them.


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