Icy, working out, and colored cookies

We got the call this morning that there was no school today. First was a text that there was a 2 hour delay due to weather. Then a text that school was closed due to ice. Everything was covered with a light layer of ice. Bill actually fell in his work's parking lot this morning (thankfully he wasn't hurt). So that meant we have had the whole day at home. (My tutoring client wanted to reschedule our time today, which was fine by me.)
So what have we been up to?

Well, this morning I worked out on the Wii. I have worked out everyday so far this year, except for last Friday! The kids had a blast laughing at me as on some of the games (like the obstacle course) I am really bad on, but they get my heart pumping and is a fun way to get exercise in. While I showered, I let the kids play on the Wii which they enjoyed. 

This afternoon, I spent some time in the closet of doom! I am now up to another huge black trash bag full of stuff and 3 regular trash bags full of stuff/clothes to donate. We have way too much stuff. I am still not done in that room, but it is coming along. 

I also broke out a cookie dough kit that my mom had given me for the kids. It was cookie dough that was almost like play-doh for the kids to make cookies out of.

They had a blast and loved making the cookies. I am not a huge fan of the taste of the cookies, but they kids love them. 

Now, I am waiting on dinner to be finished cooking-- crockpot orange chicken, rice and green beans! YUMMY! Hopefully tonight I can spend some time reading and just relaxing. 

What's the weather like where you live? What have you been up to today?


  1. Rachel I hope your weather turns quickly, but I don't know, cookies and a delicious crockpot meal. . .

    1. Oh and late last night we had high winds of 60mph and severe thunderstorms. This morning kids are on another delay due to black ice on the roads since after the storms came through temps dropped again below freezing. Strange weather here. I did enjoy the day off though and it made up for the bad weather. :-)

  2. Wonky weather here in Connecticut! Today is supposed to reach 50 degrees! Say what?!?! With the temps dipping down and then going unusually high for January, I have been having a hard time regulating my temperature and the temp in the house.
    That crockpot meal sounds awesome! Care to share the recipe? =)
    Great idea to break out that cookie kit on your unplanned day off! I see someone is a fan of SpongeBob? =)


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