My husband was in a car accident....

Man oh man. It has been a week. This week was super busy and super stressful.

We had our usual busyness with work and the kids schedules, etc.

Then Tuesday happened.

Tuesday night, Rebecca had an American Heritage Girl meeting from 6:45-8:30. Jacob had wrestling practice from 6-7. Bill needed to leave for work around 6:45 to cover the basketball game that he was assigned to that night. So we decided that Ben and I would take Jacob to wrestling and pick Rebecca up when her meeting was done. Bill would drop Rebecca off at her meeting and then head to work.
Well, that meant that he was going to be driving an unfamiliar way to work. But it needed to be done.

Well, he was driving along when he came up on a 90 degree s-curve on a road that he wasn't used to and he hit the brakes but skidded on mud and gravel through 2 mailboxes and across a couple ditches before coming to a stop. There had not been any road signs to warn that this curve was coming. Thankfully, miraculously, Bill was not hurt at all. The homeowner came out and said that there are accidents there several times a year and 99.9% of the time the vehicles flip and he has to call an ambulance for the drivers. God was definitely looking out for my husband that night. The van is replaceable, my husband is not. Bill said that when he was skidding his first thought was "Oh, sh**!" but then he felt like he was put in a bubble and he just knew he would be okay. I am so very thankful that he wasn't hurt.

So we are down to one vehicle for now. We are still waiting on the insurance adjuster to look at our van...we were told this afternoon he doesn't have time to look at it until next Wednesday. I am so irritated with Geico it is not even funny right now. We can't really decide what to do until we know if they are going to total the van or what. We are pretty sure it will be totaled, as the driver side passenger windows got busted out by the mailboxes, one of the headlights is completely gone, the bumper is messed up, the mudflap is messed up, the back rear tire is busted and bent and who knows what damage if any was done in the underside of the van. I just wish we knew so we could plan our next step.

So my hubby has been walking to work and we are doing the one car tango. Really there is only really one day a week where we need 2 cars because of schedules. My mom helped us out last night by taking Rebecca to basketball and then coming to pick up Jacob and I from his wrestling practice as Bill had to work. We are figuring it out day by day what we need to do, etc. Makes me feel grateful that most of the time we do have the luxury of 2 vehicles.

Needless to say things have been pretty stressful this week. It hits Bill and I at different times how blessed we are that he didn't get hurt. I know Bill is dealing with feelings of anxiety because of his accident. I am stressed because he is stressed and when I think of the what ifs (which I know you are not supposed to do...).

We will get through this...yes it is inconvenient, but it could have been so much worse. I am just so very grateful that Bill wasn't hurt. Vehicles can be replaced, my husband cannot.


  1. Thank goodness your hubby is okay! Interesting how he felt he was in a bubble. Very interesting.

  2. I am so sorry this happened but so glad he is fine. Like you said cars come and go but not people. Hopefully it will all be settled soon and life can get back to normal.

  3. So sorry to hear of your husbands accident. Glad he is ok. You may want to check your insurance policy, maybe you have a clause for car rental.
    Kathi in Florida

  4. Yikes! How scary for all of you. So glad that your husband was not hurt.

  5. So sorry this happened! But, yes, thank God your husband wasn't hurt! We have Geico for both our car and house insurance and having them sometimes feels like a double edged sword. Great rates but customer service/turnaround time is pretty slow. Good luck getting this straightened out!

  6. So sorry, glad that Bill is ok. Call the ins. co and see if you have rental coverage.

  7. Sorry your poor dh was in an accident but thank you God he is on.k. I would be like you and the worry the what ifs but try not to. I would call and see if the insurance can't help you sooner. Cheryl

  8. So very scary for him and you - glad he wasn't hurt. As you say, vehicles are replaceable.

  9. So glad he wasn't injured! What a scary time!


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