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One of the things that has helped me kept me sane over the years is to know what I am doing before I do it. I am the type that I feel more comfortable having things planned out. When I have a meal plan I eat better and feel better. When I don't, then I eat horribly and deal with bouts of depression and anxiety. I know that some things cannot be scheduled, but there are aspects of my life that can be scheduled ahead of time so that I know what I am doing and when, where, etc.

Over the last week, I have been thinking alot about how to make this blog better and I think that one way is to have a blogging schedule so I know what I am going to write about on a given day and so that if you only visit for a particular part of my blog, that you can find it easily. I really think this will make it easier to live better one day at a time!

So this is what I have come up with:

SUNDAY: Weekly Weigh-in ( I am pondering the idea of starting another blog, just for my weight loss goal. I am struggling with the eating part and think that if I feel accountable to blog readers that might help, as right now I don't have any accountability...just something I am thinking about....will keep you updated!)

MONDAY: Grocery shopping and Menu Plan--This is where I will post  my grocery spending for the week and what we will be eating. I really want to get our grocery budget down to $50 or less a week. I need to do this so we can start putting money in savings and pay off debt.

TUESDAY: Personal post...what's going on in my life, could be a recap of a trip, photos, etc.

WEDNESDAY: Still deciding on this one...maybe Wordless Wednesday...or weekly goals update....???? (will update when I know for sure)

THURSDAY: Review day ---I will be reviewing things in my life that I use that are helping me live better one day at a time...including book and product reviews.

FRIDAY: Letters of Intent---a way to vent frustrations, share happiness, and just write letters...keeping emotions in is not healthy for me and this is a way to live better.

SATURDAY: Top 10s/ Favorites --- I am thinking this through...each week highlight a different subject that allows me to enjoy life....such as movies, books, games, etc.

I will also do spur of the moment posts as well as life happens. I hope this helps me to LIVE BETTER ONE DAY AT A TIME!!!!

So what do you think? Thoughts??? Ideas?? Suggestions are very welcome!

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  1. I have a second blog for my weight loss, and I feel that it has helped me a lot. It holds me accountable, like you said. I don't post there a whole lot, but I try to do 1-2 posts a week, and even that little is so beneficial, so I encourage you to give that a shot!

    I love your writing schedule! I need to get on one - well, I guess I SORTA have one, but don't stick to it all the time, LOL. And I certainly don't have one written down!

    $50 a month for groceries?? Is that even possible??? I'm lucky if I spend $100! Let me know how that works for you and what you're doing!

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