Fun in the snow

Finally, after days of FREEZING temperatures and winds, it warmed up some so that I could take the kids outside to play in the snow. Rebecca really wanted to make snow angels and throw snowballs---this coming from the kid who absolutely HATED snow the last winters. Last year she wouldn't even walk in the snow....Not so this year...she went right out and fell in the snow to make her snow angels. She LOVED it!

Jacob on the other hand...HATED the snow! He cried so hard when we put him in sad, but so cute!

(and yes those are socks on his hands, I couldn't find his gloves anywhere!)

Overall it was so much fun to get outside and spend some time just having fun as a family. I hope to have more "snow" days to play in with the kids and with hubby!



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  3. I had a chuckle about the socks. My daughter had on two different gloves on because that is all we could find. thank goodness they were different hands. We like snow days too.


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