I won a blog giveaway!!

A couple of days before Christmas I was announced as the winner of Feeding Four's giveaway of a Pillsbury Toaster Strudel prize pack! I love Feeding Four's blog. She tries to feed her family of 4 on $25 or less a week. She offers her families menu plan each week, grocery store tips, gift ideas, recipes, etc. It is one of my favorite blogs to read! :)

I was so excited to receive the box of goodies last week! This is what we received:

a large Pillsbury dough boy that giggles when you press on his belly, a smiley face place mat, a smiley face coffee mug, a smiley face stress ball, and a coupon for a free box of toaster strudels. Rebecca has already stolen the dough boy as her own. She loves pressing the belly and making him giggle. She sleeps with him in her bed and the first night said "Mommy I'll try not to make him laugh so he doesn't wake up Jacob." (They share a bedroom). She is too cute! Jacob loves balls, so he has been having a blast with the ball. I will be saving the free coupon to use as a treat in a few weeks. I love toaster strudels but don't like that they are higher priced, so this will be a a nice treat for our family.

Thank you again Feeding Four!


  1. They are very expensive, and I love that you won!
    I enter as many as I can since I love winning things I otherwise couldn't have.

  2. Following you back.
    If you want FB and Twitter followers, I am game, LMK.


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