Weight Loss Check-Up (January- Week 2)

Each Sunday I want to do a post about my current weight, progress I have made toward meeting my weight loss goal and how I did the previous week....As a reminder here are my goals for this current month:

DIET: menu planning each week
EXERCISE: exercising using my Wii Fit Plus for 20+ minutes Monday- Friday of each week. Saturdays and Sundays will be relax days. These are family days and I will do some sort of physical activity with the family, whether it is playing the Wii, chasing the kids, etc.


Breakdown of how I did this week:

Monday 1/10/11: I did okay with my diet. I did have a couple snacks but overall I did okay. I followed our menu plan! :) I exercised for 45 minutes on the Wii Fit Plus/

Tuesday 1/11/11: I did okay with the diet. I followed our meal plan! Exercised for 40 minutes on the Wii Fit Plus! I also ran for 20 minutes!!! :)

Wednesday 1/12/11: Did okay with diet. Not great but okay. I did laundry and other stuff today doing the steps from upstairs to basement 5 times. I also did NOT want to exercise, but I forced myself to do 25 minutes on the Wii Fit. I did the step game for 20 minutes while watching "The Biggest Loser" which I have on the dvr.
Thursday 1/13/11: Did no do well on diet at all. Had a candy bar for lunch. Did NO exercise. Just didn't feel like it. I had a doctors appt this afternoon for my 3 month checkup for my depression. I am doing well on the medication. My doctor asked me about my weight and what I thought was a good weight for me. I need to really step it up and get healthy. I am personally wanting to lose at least 10-20 lbs by the time I go back to him in July.

Friday 1/14/11: Did okay with eating well. Did splurge at work and had some snack mix (marshmallows, chocolate grahams, honey nut cheerios and Hershey kisses) and some hot chocolate. I made myself work out for 40 minutes on the Wii. Did 30 minutes on the step game while watching Hope Floats--Love that movie!

Saturday 1/15/11: I went to the store and that is about it for activity. Just felt kind of blah all day. Did okay with the diet---had Subway for lunch/dinner. Chose that instead of McDonalds which was the alternate. Decided to buy no pop for me. Can't seem to drink the stuff anymore, which is a good thing.



DATE: 01/16/2011

WEIGHT: 212 lbs.

I am okay with this, as last week was a huge loss because I was sick. At least this week I didn't gain all of the weight back. It is okay. Now to work on losing that pound for next week.

Are you trying to lose weight? How are you doing?


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