I have decided to SHRED.....

So this whole weight loss thing has really been bugging me. I hate to see that since I have been sick, I have gained back 2 lbs. even though I have been working out on the Wii Fit Plus and I have been eating better (not 100% great but better than I had). It is extremely frustrating for me, as I need to see results. I have the personality that says if I don't see results in 2 weeks, then I have a hard time sticking it out and keeping with something. I feel like something needs to change.

I love our Wii Fit Plus, however sometimes I feel like I am not even getting a workout. There are some days I don't break a sweat and it just doesn't feel right. I do gain a sweat when I do the jogging and the boxing games but that is about it and even then I don't feel like I am working that hard.

Because of this questioning, I have decided to redo my fitness goals.... When I first set up my weight loss plan, I wanted to work on the Wii for both January and February, then add in some DVDs in March and April. Well, I have decided to make the Wii a backup instead of the primary workout and I have decided to take the challenge to shred...or rather to complete the....
I have had this DVD since 2009. I started a weight loss journey in January of 2009, and used this DVD along with a treadmill to exercise. I only was able to do this DVD for 1 week though, because right after I started doing the DVD I found out I was pregnant with Jacob! So I have decided to dust it off and go for it again. Starting TONIGHT!!!

I did the first workout tonight...and let me tell you I feel so much better about this workout. Say what you want about Jillian Michaels, but this workout made me sweat, made my heart rate go up, made me breathe heavy and it felt SO GOOD!!!! I was able to do most of the exercises for the most part. There were a couple where I just could NOT do all of them, but that is okay. I was not able to do the full minute of push ups and there was a couple of the strength exercises that I could not do the last 3 or 4 of the set. But that is okay. I WAS able to do all of the cardio! Yay me! I love that it is only 20 minutes or so long and I can fit it into my life. It makes sense for me. It works for me!

To help see my progress, or failure,  I have decided to be BRAVE and post before pictures. At the end of the 30 days, I would like to post after pictures to see if I can see a difference. (I hope that I can)...so without further ado....here is the before....(I apologize for the awful hair, it is late and I am in my workout clothes)...

(As a disclosure...I am 5'11" tall, and I currently weigh 214 according to the scale before I worked out).

So we shall see. I hope this works. I hope I can stick with this. I plan on posting my progress as I go. Have you tried the "30 Day Shred?" Are you trying to lose weight? What is working for you?


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