Book Review: "One Night" by Debbie Macomber

This week I had the opportunity to read One Night by Debbie Macomber. Macomber is one of my favorite authors. Her books are well written with great story lines. This book was a departure from the other books I have read by her, but it was a fun read non-the-less.
Can opposites attract? Can two completely different personalities fall head over heels in love  in a matter of "one night"? This is the premise of One Night by Debbie Macomber. Carrie Jamison and Kyle Harris are radio personalities at a Kansas City radio station---Carrie as morning deejay, Kyle as a news producer. They can NOT get along at all. They both think the very least of the other, and it is affecting the radio station. Because they can't get along, their station manager fires both of them, unless they can learn to get along. They decide to travel to a radio convention together, in Dallas, as a means to keeping their current jobs and maybe, just maybe, learn to be civil to one another. What is supposed to be a simple trip to a convention takes many twists and turns, some of which are hilarious (getting arrested for jaywalking) and some very serious (being on the run from a potential murderer). Along the way, Carrie and Kyle find that they are head over heels in love and after "one night" are also expecting a child together. In the end, love prevails as does happily ever after.

One Night was a very quick read. ( I read it over the course of 2 nights.) The story line with it's twists and turns kept me interested and curious as to what would happen next. There was more harlequin type story telling (ie. sexual content) in this story than in other Macomber books that I have read.  There wasn't a great sense of character development. The story began with two completely opposite personalities and instead of playing off this tension throughout the book, Macomber takes care of it in the early part of the book and instead chooses to focus on their sexual compatibility and attractiveness.  It is kind of hard to believe that these two main characters who barely know one another automatically fall in love after only 1 night together. It seems too good to be true, although the romantic side of myself loves the idea.

Overall, One Night was a fun, quick read. It was perfect for reading those cold nights, snuggled up under the covers and wanting to enjoy a story for being just that---a great story.



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