Snow days..the love/hate relationship

We have gotten some snow in the last couple days. On Tuesday, we received about 4 inches during the day, enough that the schools closed early and all evening activities at the schools were cancelled, meaning Hubby didn't have to go to work. Which is fine because he is salaried and doesn't miss any money in his paycheck (although he did miss getting a little bit on his mileage check for the month). On Wednesday, the school that I work at called a snow day...which is nice because I got to do some things around the house and just relax (well as much as one can relax while doing laundry). However, I hate that they called it on Wednesday because that means I didn't work, which means no pay for me for that day. Ughh..I am going to be missing at least 2 days on this check---last Wednesday when I had the flu and this Wednesday....ugghhh...It is not a huge deal but I really want to get our finances in order and I need to bring in as much money as I can through this part time job. So I love that we had a snow day since I got stuff done at home and I didn't have to drive in it, but I hate that it got called on a day I was scheduled to work.


  1. I just wrote about the same thing this morning....but we got 2 FEET of snow!!!


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