January 17-23 Grocery Trip and Menu Plan Monday

January is to be a low spend month at the grocery store and a pantry challenge at our home. Each week I will post what I spend at the grocery store each week so that I will be accountable to you lovely readers as well as to myself and so that I can see how I am doing. I will also be posting my menu plan on Mondays as well (as part of Orgjunkie's Menu Plan Monday series).

For the week of January 17-23, 2011:



2.5 gallons skim milk
1.5 gallons whole milk
2 boxes Capri Sun (on sale for $1.77)
3 12 packs of Mt. Dew (for hubby)
2 apple juice
lemonade mix
2 Mandarin oranges
4 fruit snacks (on sale for $1 each)
Colgate toothpaste (FREE after coupon)
2 Reese's Cups ($0.10 each after coupon)
3 Greek Yogurt (total for these was $1.00)
string cheese
2 frozen pizzas
ham lunch meat
turkey lunch meat
sub buns (marked down to $0.99)
hamburger buns (marked down to $0.50)
2 loaves wheat bread
cereal bars ($0.05 after coupon)
cereal bar ($0.69 after coupon)
Wheatables crackers (will mail in form for full rebate for this item)

Total spent for groceries: $ 63.95--- this is way OVER the $20 that I wanted to spend each week in January. I am okay with that though because I was able to get juice boxes, fruit snacks, and cereal bars for the kids that will last over 2 weeks and at a prices that are really low and below my price point. The pop will last my husband for at least 2 weeks if not more as well. I couldn't believe the price of milk though here...it has jumped to $3.50 a gallon. Yikes! I know that I am failing at my challenge, but I am okay with that as I am still using stuff up in our freezer and pantry and that was what I was most concerned about. I do still want to keep our grocery money as low as possible but I think I may have been unrealistic when I said $20 a week. That barely covers milk around here.

Now on to our menu....


Last week's menu was a great success. We stuck to it for the most part. I had to change Friday's leftover night to mac and cheese for the kids and whatever we could find for dear hubby and I as we had NO leftovers in the fridge. We had eaten them all through the week for lunches.  And Saturday I made grilled cheese and veggies for the kids as hubby had to work and I was full from a late Subway lunch. I will save the fish for this week. This week we will be eating:

MONDAY:  baked tilapia, julienne potatoes, broccoli
TUESDAY:  turkey BLT subs, pasta salad, peas

WEDNESDAY: Manwich sandwiches, green beans, pears
THURSDAY:  Chicken Parmesan and pasta
FRIDAY:  leftovers and/or pizza

SATURDAY:  sweet and sour chicken stir fry and rice/ chicken nuggets and carrots for the kids

SUNDAY:   Eat out

For more great menu ideas please visit: orgjunkie.com!


Hope everyone has a great week of good food!!


  1. I haven't bloged about mine but I too am trying to destash my freezer and pantry so items won't spoil. I've been keeping up with you. Today I bought grocerys but also stocked my pantry with 4 lb bags of sugar I scored for just 88 cents. I also got bnls/sknls chicken breast for 88 cents/lb. I put it at the bottom of the freezer so I still have week or more amount of meat before I use that. I have a roast I'm hoping will last us half a week to streach further. That alone I paid less than 8 dollars for and it was 17 dollars before I comped it. I also comp milk for 99 cents a gallon and it always lasts 1-2 weeks past sell by date as long as the fridge is COLD COLD. You doing great!


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