Jan. 31- Feb. 6 Grocery Trips and Menu Plan Monday

Each week I will post what I spend at the grocery store each week so that I will be accountable to you lovely readers as well as to myself and so that I can see how I am doing. I hope to spend on average $60 a week on groceries. I will also be posting my menu plan on Mondays as well (as part of Orgjunkie's Menu Plan Monday series).

For the week of January 31- February 6 , 2011:



2.5 gallons skim milk
2 gallons whole milk
2-Kroger brand Cheerios
7- Goldfish
Cocoa Krispies (-$1.50 coupon)
Bottle of Honest Tea (FREE after coupon)
2- Macaroni and Cheese
Pancake Mix (-$1.00 coupon)
3 boxes pudding mix (-$1.10 coupon)
Salad dressing (-$1.00 coupon)
Shredded Cheddar Cheese (-$0.40 coupon)
Ham lunchmeat
2 cans carrots
2 cans green beans
2- Chocolate Syrup
bag chicken tenderloins (on sale for $6.99 for 3 lbs.)
2- Cereal bars
Grapes (on sale for 0.99/lb.)
hot dog buns (marked down to $0.69)
hamburger buns
2 loaves wheat bread (on clearance for $0.59 a loaf!)
Total:  $49.21


10lb. potatoes
3 bunches bananas
2 boxes waffles
pasta salad kit
2--boxes spicy wings (for Super Bowl Sunday)
boneless wings (for Super Bowl Sunday)

4- cheese and sticks
3lb. apples
2 cans mixed veggies
5 cans spaghettios
2lbs. carrots
2- ketchups
sour cream and onion potato chips (for Super Bowl Sunday)

wavy potato chips (for Super Bowl Sunday)

3 green beans
2 baked beans
salsa con queso (for Super Bowl Sunday)

Total: $37.95

TOTAL: $87.16....to make my average of $60 a week, I will have $32.84 for next week. That should be doable, as a lot of this week was stocking up on snacks for the kids (all the goldfish) after the January pantry challenge.

Now on to our menu....


Last week's menu was a great success. We stuck to it! The only difference was we switched Friday and Thursday's menu for each other..because life happens! :) 

This week we will be eating:

MONDAY:  Chicken teriyaki and rice, peas, chicken nuggets for kids
TUESDAY: hot dogs and macaroni and cheese
WEDNESDAY: bbq chicken in the crockpot (used for sandwiches), pasta salad, baked beans
THURSDAY:  lasagna soup, grilled cheese, carrots
FRIDAY:  leftovers and/or pizza

SATURDAY:  sausage and potato casserole (NEW RECIPE), green beans, biscuits
SUNDAY:   Super Bowl food! (wings, chips and queso, etc.)
For more great menu ideas please visit: orgjunkie.com!


Hope everyone has a great week of good food!!


  1. Super Bowl Sunday!! I'm hoping it doesn't make me bust my budget :) I want to get some goodies for my men :)

    Your menu sounds gooood! What recipe do you use for lasanga soup?



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