Work assignment = Date Day with Dear Hubby

My husband, Bill, is the local sports editor for our local newspaper. He is a great writer and enjoys being creative with his writing. On Sunday, he took the day to take an additional assignment (that was not sports related). He was to visit the Massillon Museum as a possible destination for a day trip. The Massillon Museum is an art museum. He asked if the kids and I wanted to go with him....Hmmm...a 4 year old and a 1 year old in an art museum that was 1.5 hours away by car....I didn't think that was the best idea. But I had a better idea...Why not turn it into a date day to achieve one of my New Year's Goals? Bill seemed to be glad for the company and all I had to do was find childcare. I asked my parents if they could watch the kids and they agreed (even though that meant taking them into Columbus for my brother's basketball game and then to a church for a prayer service where my brother was getting a Cub Scout patch from the Bishop)! (Did I mention that my parents are awesome!?!). So we dropped the kids off at my parents house around 11am and headed back home to get the directions and start our date day.

We had lunch at McDonald's before we headed out. I know, I know...not the most romantic, but it was on the way out of town. And it was nice to be able to eat and talk and NOT have to cut up chicken nuggets or get ketchup, etc. After lunch we headed out on our 1.5 hour drive. The sun was shining and other than being very cold it was perfect weather. We arrived at the museum around 2:15 or so...

They have a main gallery with different exhibitions scheduled throughout the year. On Sunday their main exhibition featured the photography of Nell Dorr, who was a prominent 20th century photographer from Ohio. Dorr mastered the art of photography while working alongside her father in his photography studio located in Massillon. The photographs were haunting and beautiful at the same time.

The museum also has a minor gallery area , called Studio M, that they use to showcase smaller, local shows. While we were there, they had an  exhibition called "Judi Krew: Fascinating Faces from Interesting Places." This exhibition featured the work of Judi Krew, who used pastels to create portraits of people. They were very realistic and creative at the same time.  Also write outside Studio M, is their resident skeleton, Oscar.

The museum offers one full time exhibit. It is The Immell Circus. This 100 square foot replica of a circus contains 2260 hand carved miniature pieces, carved over the course of 50 years, by local dentist Dr. Robert Immel. The circus is fascinating to say the least. Bill and I spent the majority of our time at the museum looking at the different pieces of the circus and finding new things. It is amazing the accuracy and detail that is involved in the circus. This exhibit also showcases different posters and memorabilia from circus history. (This was actually Bill's work assignment to write about this exhibit).

(Hubby hard at work, taking photos for the paper!)

(This really does NOT do the circus justice.)

After we left the museum, we drove home as most of the restaurants were not open on Sunday in Massillon. Upon returning home, we started watching the Packers/ Bears football game that my dear Hubby was DVRing. (Did I mention he LOVES anything football related?) After hearing from my parents that they were taking the kids to get dinner in Columbus, Bill and I decided to treat ourselves to Mexican food at a local restaurant. This is a rare treat as we typically don't go to sit down places with our children. The food was SOOOO YUMMY!!!!!! I had a quesedilla fajita, which was basically a quesedilla with fajita filling, covered with spicy queso served with lettuce, tomato, rice and beans on the side. Bill had a grande burrito, which was the largest burrito I have ever seen! The food was so good and so yummy! After we left the restaurant, we drove to pick the kids up and come back home. After we got the kids ready for bed and in bed, we continued to watch football. We watched the Packers win! YAY!!! ! Bill then watched the Steelers/Jets came while we cuddled on the couch. I fell asleep in Bill's arms during the game. :)

Overall it was a GREAT day spent with the love of my life! I needed that day with him as a wife and not as a mom. I love my children and cherish my role as mother, but often times I tend to overlook myself as wife and I needed to recapture that. And I think we needed to reconnect as a couple! It was a great day! And is making me look forward to our next date!


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